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Grocerylisting is a free download for iOS & Android. Core functionalities, like creating and sharing lists, adding loyalty cards, limited meal planning, adding price, aisle and quantity are free to use. We also offer an optional paid upgrade which unlocks premium features like saving recipes and adding unlimited meal plans
Grocerylisting helps you easily make and share your shopping lists, organize your recipes, and plan your meals quickly. This way, you save time planning and have more time to enjoy life
Create Multiple Shopping List - Create multiple grocery shopping list. There is no limit
Share List - Share your grocery list with friends and family to shop together in real time.
Loyalty Card - You can Scan your loyalty card to the app so you never have to carry your card with you.

Meal Planner
Our weekly Meal Planner makes the creation of your weekly meal plan easier and stress-free. It allows you to plan your daily meals in a simple way. You can also consult your meal calendar from the previous weeks.

Search thousands of recipes easily. Get inspiration from user submitted recipes or add your recipes quickly and easily..

Best Grocery Listing App
Make grocery shopping fun not frustrating by using Grocery Listing's app to create your grocery shopping list. Plan meals and create sharable grocery lists so your family won't forget anything or buy duplicate items.


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